Where, in the opinion of the competent authority, a person in Government or Corporation Service, is-

  (a)   inefficient, or has ceased to be efficient for any   reason;   or is guilty of being habitually absent from duty without   prior approval of leave; or

  (b)              guilty of misconduct; or

  (c)               corrupt;

  (d)          engaged, or is reasonably believed to be engaged, in   subversive activities, and his retention in service is prejudicial to   national security or he is guilty of disclosure of official secrets to   any unauthorized person; or

   (e)         found to have been appointed or promoted on    extraneous grounds in violation of law and the relevant rules.

  Here corruption of a person who is in Government or Corporation Service has been defined that if-

 (i)  he or any of his dependents or any other person, through him or on his behalf, is in possession of pecuniary source or of property, for which he cannot reasonably account for, and which are disproportionate to his known resources of income; or

(II)   he has assumed a style of living beyond his known sources of income; or

(III)  he has a persistent reputation of being corruption; or

  he has entered into plea bargaining under any law for the time being in force and has returned the assets or gains acquired through corruption or corrupt practices voluntarily