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Electronic Voting Machines

Electronic Voting Machines

Electronic Voting Machines (“EVM”) are being used in General Elections to implement electronic voting. EVMs have replaced paper ballots in local, state and general  elections in all Countries . There were earlier claims regarding EVMs’ tamparability and security which have not been proved. After rulings of Political Parties, Peoples demands from various Political Parties, Election Commission of...

Monitor on Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan and USA

Monitor on Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan and USA

In Aid of Civil Power No More Do More, or Not? Corps Commanders’ Conference Pakistan Army’s New Ventures Prime Minister participates in Air Force training mission Census termed ‘compromised’ by UN body PM increases civilian share in ISI’s hierarchy Members of the Senate and National Assembly Defence Committees meet the...

Computer Defination to Key Terms

Computer Defination to Key Terms

Computer A computer is a machine that can be programmed to accept data (input) process it into useful information (output) and store it away (in a secondary storage device) for safekeeping or later reuse.  The processing of input to out-put is directed by the software but performed by the hardware....

English Grammar Video 808

English Grammar Video

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What is Investment ? 619

What is Investment ?

An investment is a benefit or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or will appreciate in the future. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of supplies that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create assets. In finance, an...

Tenses Notes 1,157

Tenses Notes

Tenses are help to speak English Language. They are of great use and importance in both ways of communication, verbal and Written. English language is necessary for the people of all professions. The concept of English verb tenses is very important in establishing effective communication. The word, tense, has been...



1. The two major factors would be: (1) attempt to derive risk-adjusted returns that exceed a naive buy-and-hold policy and (2) completely diversify – i.e., eliminated all unsystematic risk from the portfolio. A portfolio manager can do one or both of two things to derive superior risk-adjusted returns. The first...



1. Private management and advisory firms typically develop a personal relationship with their clients, getting to know the specific investment objectives and constraints of each. The collection of assets held can then be tailored to the special needs of the client. Conversely, a mutual fund offers a general solution to...